A Blossoming Love

You’ve picked the venue, your bridal party, and your gown, but what about the flowers you’ll be holding and decorating with?

You may think the only flowers involved in your wedding will be in the bouquets, but they’ll be everywhere, and boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces are only the beginning!

To really bring your wedding vision to life, you’ll need a great florist, and we have everything you need to know to make sure your decision is the right fit for you.

Your Vision

The first step when thinking about the flowers you’ll want for your big day is, as always, to consider your aesthetic. 

Envision the colors you want in your bouquets as well as spread throughout your venue, and consider whether you want the flowers to really pop or if you’d rather they add a more subtle touch.

Ask Around

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, ask for recommendations! 

Your venue will be happy to provide you with a list of florists they’ve worked with before. This will mean much fewer headaches for you when you don’t have to worry about the florist coordinating with the venue and following any rules they might have about florals.

Any previous brides you know will also love telling you all about their big day, so ask any you know about their florists and whether they’d recommend one in particular!

When in doubt, look at reviews! It’s always good to see exactly what previous couples have experienced so that you know if that florist is a good fit for you.

Stick to Your Budget

You may think that flower costs will only vary between florists, but they will also depend on the types of flowers you choose. 

About 10% of your total budget should be allotted for flowers, but if you’re thinking of using flowers that are out-of-season, you may want to expect to use about 20% of your total budget toward flowers. 

Of course, adding specialty items like a flower arch will mean adjusting your budget accordingly. So make sure to keep your budget in mind when discussing different options with your florist!

Ask Alllll The Questions

Once you’ve picked out the flowers and discussed prices, think about a few specifics to ask your florist about ahead of time. 

How far in advance do you need to notify them of any specifications or changes? When do you have to finalize your flower decisions? Do they handle setting up and cleaning up? Will they be the one doing everything day-of or will someone else who works for them be handling everything? How many weddings are they providing flowers for on the weekend of your wedding? 

Any and all questions you have are worth asking!

Our Final Tips

Bring pictures of anything specific you would like to incorporate or avoid when it comes to your flowers! 

Whether it’s specific types of flowers or colors that you particularly like, this will all help your florist curate bouquets, centerpieces, and everything in between exactly as you like it! 

Bonus points if you use pictures of their own work to help guide them for what you’d like!

And of course…just like with any part of wedding planning, keep an open mind..

If your florist has recommendations outside of what you originally pictured or tells you that the flowers you like aren’t going to be available during that time of year, trust them.

They’re professionals for a reason!

We know choosing a florist and finalizing your flowers may seem like a relatively small decision, but it’s going to add so much to your wedding! 

If you have more questions or want to chat with us about planning your wedding at The Sadie Jane, call us (985) 643-6892 today!

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