A Day You’ll Remember Forever

Your wedding day is one you’ll never forget, and that’s a guarantee. 

But why stop there? 

We’ve curated a list of our favorite ways to make your day memorable, and we’ve got them right here!

Our Favorite Ideas

Use a wedding hashtag! Pick a catchphrase that rhymes, uses alliteration, or just speaks to you! Use signs to let your guests know to include your hashtags in their posts, and then you’ll be able to see all their photos and videos of your big day. Just like that, you’ve got bonus memories!

Give out welcome bags or favors. Welcome bags for out of town guests are well loved, especially when they offer a little something special. Wedding favors that are reusable, like small plants, seeds, candles, etc. are also popular, giving your guests a tangible memory of celebrating your wedding.

Pass out pre-ceremony cocktails. Your guests can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle, but sometimes they know it’s worth the wait! By passing out cocktails pre-ceremony, you give your guests the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other, so when it’s time for the reception, they’re ready to party the night away!

Ask for song requests! If you have a DJ, let your guests recommend some music. Your DJ can add these songs into the rotation where they fit best, and your guests will be so excited to hear their song come on. It’s a guaranteed way to get them out on the dance floor, too!

Curate a lounge area. Sometimes your guests want to rest their dancing feet, and a lounge area is the perfect place to do that. Renting comfy sofas and chairs lets your guests wind down before the next song so they’re ready to jump up when their favorite song comes on. 

Craft a signature cocktail. We love a signature cocktail, and your guests will too! Give your drink a name that’s all about you. It can be a play on words, a play on your names, or include the name of a beloved pet. These specialty drinks are always a huge hit, and it’s a great way to show off one of your favorite concoctions!

Provide yard games. Jumbo-sized lawn games, like Jenga, cornhole, and chess provide another fun way to entertain your guests when they need a break from dancing. And if you’re hosting an outdoor reception, it’s a great way to spread out the festivities and keep the party moving. 

Offer late-night snacks. Sometimes your guests need a little extra treat for more energy on the dance floor. Late-night snacks provide a second round of deliciousness even after they’ve hit the buffet – and give your guests something to look forward to even as the night is coming to a close.

Hire a photo booth. Did someone say more photos? You have never have too many photos of your wedding! Photo booths provide interactive entertainment for your guests…and for you too! 

And last but not certainly not least…

Make a memorable exit! Every party has to end, but it should end on a high note! Let your guests send you off with a fond farewell in a picture perfect way you’ll all remember…a perfect end to a perfect night!

We can’t wait to see these special touches at your wedding! We know it will be unique and oh, so memorable.

Don’t forget: we’re here for you! Ask us anything. Inquire about more details, date availability, or set up a tour today. We’d love to chat!

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