All about bridal shows

One space dedicated to helping your dream wedding come to life? Yes, please! We’ve got all the details on one of the best ways to see all of your options from cake bakers to gown designers.

What Are They?

Bridal shows are an exposition of local vendors that allow couples to see different options and styles before booking. Bridal shows or bridal expos tend to have a bit of everything, such as DJs, florists, planners, cake bakers, and more. 

“Bridal trunk shows” are specifically for bridal gowns and can sometimes offer discounts not found in stores as well as opportunities for brides to discuss their dream dress with designers directly. 

No matter which you attend, they can both be exponentially helpful in making sure you have what you need for your dream wedding!

Who Should Attend?

Wedding expos provide couples with a chance to see a variety of options for making their big day come to life. If both members of the couple cannot attend, we recommend bringing a friend or family member who you can talk details out with and who will support you throughout the planning process. 

While wedding shows and expos typically advertise themselves toward newly-engaged couples, those who have already booked much of their wedding can still attend – especially if you’re having trouble narrowing down options for a specific need. One of the biggest advantages to shows and expos is that they allow you to see a vendor’s work up-close and ask them questions about their services.

What Should I Expect?

Wedding expos and shows can range in size, but most include booths set up by local vendors. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to these vendors to see what fits your needs best. Most booths will have pamphlets or business cards for when you’re ready to book your favorites. 

Because wedding shows are such a great way for couples to meet and try out so many different vendors and their work, they can be very popular. 

Expect big crowds and possibly some long lines for different booths and tables. 

The good news is that you can also expect to be given plenty of free goodies and free tastings of food and drinks from different vendors!

Tips for Success

  1. Buy your tickets ahead of time. Wedding shows are popular for a reason, and when you find one you’re interested in, you don’t want to miss out! 
  2. We recommend creating an email address that you and your partner have access to and using it for all wedding-related correspondence. Making this wedding email will allow you to have all vendors’ information in one spot to make browsing through options easier.
  3. Have a plan before going! If you’re just starting the wedding planning process, you may want to get inspired and see all the options available to you. But if you’ve been planning for a while, you’ll want to focus your time on specific aspects of the show and certain vendors that you haven’t booked already. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask a vendor you’ve booked for recommendations for other vendors. Knowing that they work well together is a major plus! 
  5. Be prepared to answer a few questions! The first questions a vendor will ask you are going to be about your general budget, your wedding date, and an approximation of the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Going in knowing the answers to these will allow you to walk away knowing which vendors will be a good fit for your needs! 
  6. Bring a wedding folder to put all pamphlets and business cards in. Include a pen in the folder as well so that you can easily exchange information with vendors you meet and can jot down notes as you go! 

Pro-tip: Attend a bridal show at The Sadie Jane! Reach out for more information about our next bridal show.Want to take a tour? Need to save your date? Let’s chat:!

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