Caring For Your Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings will be pieces of jewelry that you wear almost constantly, so it’s important to know how to care for them. 

If you want to keep your ring sparkling like it was the day you got engaged, keep reading for everything you need to know! 

When To Take It Off

Obviously, no one wants to take their rings off because of their importance, but there are certain times that they’ll need to come off out of necessity. 

To avoid your stone from becoming dull, be sure to take it off before using harsh chemicals like those found in cleaning products. 

You’ll also want to remove them before using moisturizers and beauty products. 

These chemicals and products will cloud your stone and can even affect its overall quality. 

Going swimming or to the beach? Sand, salt and chlorine can damage your stone!

Cold water also causes your fingers to shrink slightly which can lead to a ring slipping off. The safest course of action is to make sure your rings stay home before heading out for the sun and surf. 

Lastly, exercise risks damage to your ring. Sweat can make its way into the stone and affect its shine, and heavy weights and equipment can loosen prongs and bend metals. 

Remember: It’s important to apply these rules to rings with and without stones since these factors can also affect the metals used in wedding bands!

If you don’t like the idea of going without a ring of some sort for different occasions and tasks, we recommend silicone rings! 

These can be placeholders for your usual rings but won’t be damaged by sweat, chemicals, or sand. The best part is that these rings are very wallet-friendly, so if they get lost, replacing them will be much easier than replacing your everyday rings!

Must Dos

Since you’ll be taking off your rings from time-to-time, an absolute must is having somewhere to keep them so they don’t get lost. 

This can be in a ring box, a designated jewelry dish, or a pouch. Whichever method you choose, make sure it is somewhere out of reach of children and pets! 

Often forgotten but just as important… cleaning! 

You can clean your rings at home using warm water, a gentle soap without strong scents, and a toothbrush. Doing this once a week will keep your ring shiny and avoid day-to-day clarity damage. 

While cleaning your rings yourself will help maintain the sparkle you love, it’s important to have them checked every six months or so professionally. Experts will thoroughly clean your rings and make sure all prongs are in place and no stones are at risk of falling out. 

In order to make sure you never completely lose your rings, they ought to be well-fitted to your finger. If you find they feel too loose or too tight, keep them off until you are able to visit a jeweler to get them resized. 

A good rule of thumb for knowing if your ring is the right size? You should be able to remove it without pain or discomfort, but it shouldn’t go past your knuckle on its own. 

We know keeping your rings in good condition requires a lot of care and attention, but it’s worth it because your ring will look as fabulous in 10 years as it did on day 1. 

Want more tips for keeping your rings flawless? We recommend asking a jeweler for all of their in-depth dos and don’ts! 

We cannot wait to see what you’ll plan in 2023, and we’ll be here when you’re ready to book your venue! 

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