Congrats! You’re Engaged!

We are so excited for you! 

This is such a fun time in your life, and while some may say it is a stressful time, we beg to differ. 

To help you take the stress out of the process, we’re going to walk you through each and every step in the wedding-planning process. This way, you’ll be as relaxed as can be all the way through your wedding day.

So, let’s get started!

Enjoy Engaged Life

This is a special time, and you deserve to bask in that just-engaged glow! 

You’ll be staring at your ring a lot; we all do. Go ahead and get a manicure (if you haven’t already) and take tons of selfies with your new rock! 

And don’t forget about your fiance

Still getting used to calling your significant other by their new title, huh? 

Make sure to take mental and actual pictures with them because this is only the beginning of the next step of your lives together!

You will soon be diving into the world of wedding planning, so take your time, take a breath, and take a moment to enjoy the beginning of engaged life!

Tell The World

You might have posted to social media or video called all of your family and friends within minutes of saying “yes!” If you did, great – you can skip right to the next step!

But if you haven’t announced your engagement yet and have been savoring the moment, now is the time to do so. 

You can do this however you want: posting a picture to social media, sending a text in the group chat, or even telling a few chosen friends and family who will spread the word for you. 

No matter how you decide to announce to all your loved ones that you are engaged, we know everyone will be over the moon for you both! 

Pick a Date

Now that you’ve announced your big news, your first step to wedding planning is setting a date for the big day. This is a big decision, but there are a few different approaches that will make it easier:

If there is a day, month, or even season that is important to you and your fiance, that’s going to be your best starting point.

Nothing standing out? Picking a season is a great first step. Consider the city you will likely get married in and any seasonal weather that may preclude certain dates from being a good wedding date. 

Once you’ve picked your ideal season, narrow down to a month and then a day. 

And if you feel like you have too many options to pick from, don’t worry! We always suggest having a backup date just in case your date isn’t available once you choose a venue. 

After you’ve a chosen date (and a backup date), step one to wedding planning is done!

Set the Tone

Knowing what time of year you’ll be saying your vows helps many of those seemingly pesky details come together more easily than you think. 

Now you can start working on your color palette, venue type, and general aesthetic. This part of wedding planning is all about how you want your big day to feel

Pro-tip: search the web for pictures of weddings in the season you chose. This will help solidify your vision of what you want your day to look like – from colors to gown fabrics to venues!

Estimate a Budget

That’s not a typo. We recommend coming up with an estimate for your budget because your budget will likely change as you get closer to the wedding date.

When putting together a budget, leave yourself some wiggle room! 

You’ll be glad you padded your budget when you decide to splurge on a photo booth or want to spoil your bridal party with pricier gifts than you anticipated. 

Giving yourself room in the budget at this stage will allow you to make decisions more easily throughout the process. 

Then if you end up having more left over than anticipated, that’s more you can put toward excursions on your honeymoon or helping to furnish your home together!

Not too bad, right? Just a few small steps to get you started toward your big day, and the rest will all fall into place! 

We’ll have more planning tips and tricks for you next month, but if you want to do even more in the meantime, contact us at The Sadie Jane. We’d love to answer questions and get you even closer to your fairytale wedding! Visit our website or call us (985) 643-6892 today.

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