How To Save Your Date

Without exception, the very first decision you should make in the wedding planning process is choosing your wedding date. Choosing the perfect date can seem like a daunting task, but these handy tips and considerations will help make your decision a piece of cake!

First things first, let’s talk seasons. 

Picture a cozy winter wonderland wedding or a vibrant summer affair with blooming flowers as your backdrop. Which one most appeals to you?

Each season brings its own unique charm, so consider the atmosphere you envision for your big day, along with the significance of the season for your chosen wedding theme or color palette.

For example, if you’re envisioning a rustic fall wedding with rich earthy tones and cozy vibes, selecting a date in September or October will complement your theme beautifully. 

Likewise, if you’re dreaming of a summer celebration with bright, tropical colors, aiming for a date in June or July will best fulfill your vision.

An added bonus? Matching your wedding date to the aesthetic you desire can enhance the overall atmosphere and create a cohesive experience for you and your guests!

But the most important thing to consider when selecting a season: If you’re dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, make sure to take Mother Nature into account. 

While summer may seem like the obvious choice for warm weather, it also brings more humidity and the occasional rain shower. On the flip side, fall offers crisper air but could mean unpredictable weather. 

No matter what season you choose, your venue should always have a backup plan. If you’ve been following The Sadie Jane blog you know the golden rule: First comes the date, then comes venue selection. 

So keep weather patterns AND potential venues in mind when choosing a season!

Next up, let’s talk about significance. 

Is there a special date that holds sentimental value for you both? 

Whether it’s the anniversary of your first date, the day you got engaged, or a meaningful family milestone, tying the knot on a date with personal significance adds an extra layer of meaning to your celebration.

Now, what about logistics? 

Take a peek at your calendar and consider any major holidays, family events, or conflicting commitments. You don’t want your wedding date to clash with Aunt Sally’s annual barbecue or your best friend’s birthday bash!

Remember that choosing a date that works for key guests like close family and bridal party members ensures they can join in on the fun.

And let’s not forget about budget. 

Believe it or not, the time of year you choose can impact your wedding budget. Peak wedding season, typically spring and fall, often comes with higher venue and vendor prices. 

If you’re looking to reduce your budget, consider an off-peak season or weekday wedding, which can offer significant cost savings without skimping on style.

Finally, now that we’ve covered the basics – let’s talk strategy. 

If you’re set on a specific date but flexible on the year, consider reaching out to venues and vendors early to secure availability. Popular dates tend to book up fast, so getting a head start can save you from disappointment down the road.

Still feeling stuck? Don’t be afraid to seek advice from your trusted circle! Your friends, family, and wedding planner (if you have one) can offer valuable insight and help you weigh the pros and cons of different dates.

One final pro tip: trust your gut!

Ultimately, your wedding date should feel right to you and your partner. Whether you’re saying “I do” on a sunny Saturday or a cozy winter evening, as long as it feels like the perfect fit, that’s all that matters!

And if you’re still searching for the ideal venue to host your dream wedding, look no further! Reach out to us today, and discover how we can turn your vision into reality. Your happily ever after starts at The Sadie Jane!

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