Invitations That Impress

Designing and ordering wedding invitations can be a daunting task because they are the first part of your wedding planning that your guests will see and will set the tone for your day!

If you have questions about how to make your wedding invitations exactly what you want and perfectly set the tone for your big day, read on!

All the Musts

While there are various ways of wording each part of an invitation, there are some aspects that need to be included on every invite. 

First up? Letting guests know that they are invited to your wedding! You can use phrases like “you’re invited,” “your presence is requested,” “we cordially invite you,” or something else that feels right for you. 

Next, you have to include both of your names, but you have some options of how you do this step too: namely, including your first, middle, and last name. While some may prefer to include middle names, they are not required and can be omitted if you prefer.

You can also use nicknames in the invitation, especially if either of you go by a nickname more often than your legal name. 

Couples traditionally list the bride first, but if that doesn’t fit your personalities, feel free to change it up! 

When in doubt, ask your printer! In-person printers and small businesses typically have a binder of all the combinations and options for wording.

Including where the wedding and reception will be held is the next must-do. If your ceremony and reception are taking place at separate locations, include the name and address of both. 

If you’re going for a minimalist approach, you can give the name of the venue(s) and the city they are located in, and guests will look up the rest of the address! If you’re taking this approach though, we recommend including the full address information on your wedding website so that guests can be sure they are headed to the correct place.

After listing your location(s), you’ll need to add the date and time. If the reception is immediately following the ceremony, you can state that instead of including a specific time for the reception. 

And keep in mind that if there is a significant gap between your ceremony and reception, you should include information on any transportation provided. (This can often be done with an inclusion card – ask your printer!)

Lastly, include how the guests should RSVP, whether by calling a certain phone number, filling out an included RSVP card and returning it, or visiting your wedding website to RSVP there. 

There you have it – the basics of what is required to include in a wedding invitation! You can include other details such as your wedding website URL, transportation details, or dress codes at the bottom of the invitation or in the inclusion card we mentioned earlier.

All the Little Details

When you’re addressing your invitations to your guests, consider being very specific about who is invited so it’s clear whether “plus ones” or children will be allowed to attend. 

Invitations should be ordered 1 to 2 months before they are to be sent out, but it’s never a bad idea to order them sooner! Just be sure you have confirmed all the information you need to include before beginning the ordering process – changes will likely require a full re-print! 

Once you have them ordered and ready to go, they’ll need to be sent out about 2 months before the big day – as long as your wedding is local. 

If your wedding is a destination wedding or will require travel for most guests, send them out about 3 to 4 months before the wedding. This way, your guests will have time to solidify their travel and lodging arrangements! The earlier, the better in this case, as your guests will appreciate advance notice for booking travel.

We know you’re excited and want to ensure your guests are just as excited as you are, so feel free to send out save the dates 6 to 9 months in advance. This will get the ball rolling and your guests can start the countdown to your big day! 

Lastly, our biggest piece of advice is to make sure that your invitations look how YOU want them to look. You can match your wedding colors and use fonts that communicate your overall aesthetic. This way, you’ve set the tone from the very start! 

We’ll be back with more soon, but in the meantime, you can head to for more information and helpful tips for planning your wedding. We can’t wait to host you! 

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