Making Your Day Even More Special

Everyone wants their special day to be memorable not just for themselves but for their guests too! 

We’ve got you covered with different ways to make your day stand out from all the rest.

Unique Wedding Ideas

Include a color palette in your invitations – What better way to set yourself apart than to do so from the very start? Using your wedding colors will help your guests picture your big day and can even allow them to dress according to your color palette. How visually satisfying all your pictures will be!

Reserve the front row at your ceremony – Setting aside a spot for those nearest and dearest to you will leave them with crystal-clear memories. Pro tip – leave a space for your bridal party too. Then they don’t have to stand at awkward angles in order to see their favorite couple share that beautiful first kiss.

Ask family to function as a flower girl or ring bearer – Sweet little girls and boys in their dresses and mini tuxes are too precious…BUT a way to separate yourself from other weddings is to have a cousin or grandparent fill this role instead. It will be especially memorable if they let their personality shine and have a great time preparing guests for your big entrance!

Offer a unity drink or shot – Nothing starts a party like a shot or drink to celebrate your new union. This can be done just between you and your partner during the readings, or you can let your guests join in right before your first kiss.

Walk down the aisle together – A beautiful way to start your life together is to start the ceremony together! This will allow you to be together for your ceremony from the very moment it starts and is especially nice if you do a private first look beforehand.

Have a wedding day scent –What better way to always remind yourself of the happiest day of your life than to use a specific perfume or cologne that will guarantee anytime you use it, you think of your wedding? Using this scent again for big life events (i.e., anniversaries, birthdays, holidays) will bring back all of those sweet memories.

Offer disposable cameras for guest use – Leaving cameras on the tables for guests to use will allow you to see your big day from a different point of view. Now you will have the professional pictures as well as candids taken by your favorite people.

Use an unconventional guest book – We love seeing who attended, but why not add a special element to the guest book? We recommend using a guest book with a spot for pictures that can be taken with a supplied polaroid camera. You can also leave an audio recording device on the receiving table so that you can hear each of your guests’ voices as they wish you well!

Set up a memorial area – Include those dear to you who have passed away by having a memorial table for them. This can include pictures as well as mementos of the roles they played in your life.

Rent a bounce house or slide – Bring out your inner child by providing a bouncy castle or inflatable obstacle course. Not only will you feel the absolute joy of living in the moment, but can you imagine the pictures you’ll have from including such a fun element in your big day? Unforgettable.  

Include a social media minute – Rather than telling guests that they cannot use their phones during the ceremony (just to have them ignore you), have a social media minute! You can have your officiant announce that for one minute, guests can take out their devices to take pictures or record videos of the ceremony.

We can’t wait to see what other ideas you come up with! 

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