New Year, New Trends!

It’s a new year….and you know what that means! NEW TRENDS!

We’re tackling this year’s most anticipated changes from 2022 so that your big day will pop.


This year, expect trends to center around the little details that make a big difference… beginning with the flowers you’ll hold at your ceremony. While lush, full bouquets have been popular in recent years, we expect to see more brides opting for small and simple bouquets. 

We can’t wait to see all the dainty flowers like lavender, lilac, lily of the valley, or seasonal wildflowers in bouquets this year!

Colors and Clothing

Colors, colors, colors! Expect to see monochromatic weddings as more brides opt for all-white themes.

And when it comes to a pop of color, bright golds and rusty oranges will be a fantastic complement to a white or neutral palette, especially in floral arrangements and for linens.

For the grooms and groomsmen? Did someone say “blue suits”?

Blue suits are versatile enough when paired with different shirt types to match various wedding styles, from casual to elegant, so expect to see blue suits more and more this year.

While bridesmaids dresses that are coordinated but not exact matches have been popular for several years, 2023 is expected to expand the trend to include bridesmaids dresses that are different colors. 

Brides are beginning to pick two to three colors for their bridesmaids to wear to offer even more contrast against their white gowns at the end of the aisle. 

Stuck on multiple colors? This trend will be the perfect solution if you’re having a hard time narrowing down your theme to one or two colors.


You heard it here first: pearls! 

Pearls are a small detail that add a big element of sophistication. Expect to see pearls added to cakes, dresses, veils, and decor. 

But our advice?

Make sure the size of the pearls correspond to the size of what you’re adding them to. 

We love the look of adding small, delicate pearls to a veil and saving larger pearls for centerpieces or the largest tier of your cake!

A Twist on the Traditional

What are we looking forward to most about 2023 trends? 

Seeing the new take couples have on long-loved traditions! 

While many aspects of weddings don’t drastically change year-to-year, it is common to see couples put a slight spin on different customs….and it’s one of our favorite things!

One expected change is already being seen in guest books. Instead of a typical pen and paper guest book experience, brides and grooms have been moving to audio recordings, photo albums with polaroid pictures, and even furniture or other home decor. 

It’s such a personalized way for guests to give you their best wishes! And you’ll be reliving your wedding day by hearing your guests’ voices or seeing their custom photos.

Last But Not Least

Perhaps the biggest shift in 2023…

Non-white dresses for brides!

Pink, black, and even yellow dresses are anticipated to be the choice for many brides this year.

Why? To stand out, of course! And to provide an option for brides whose skin tones are more suited for pops of color. 

Even if a completely non-white dress isn’t your style, we expect that many brides will be including brighter colors in the details of their dresses – like colorful lace or trims!

No matter what trends you decide to take part in or pass up, we know your big day will be an absolute dream come true. 

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