Picture perfect

Choosing a photographer and possibly a videographer can be daunting. These are photos and videos you will look back on year after year, so you want them to be absolutely perfect. 

We know that’s a lot of pressure, but we have you covered with everything you need to know before choosing who will be framing the pictures you’ll keep for decades. 

All Things Photography

Just like with every part of wedding planning we’ve discussed so far, the first step for finding a photographer is considering your aesthetic and finding a photography style that fits you best. 

Styles include traditional, dark and moody, documentary, warm, and aerial, and that’s just the start. So feel free to spend a good amount of time figuring out which one best fits your vision!

After choosing your preferred style, look into photographers in your area.

Make sure to look through any galleries they have on their websites or social media. That way, you’ll know what kind of pictures you can expect to receive from them after the big day. 

Feel free to ask us for recommendations! Recommendations go a long way – these are professionals who are familiar with the venue and know how to get the best lighting and angles!

Are you having a destination wedding? 

We know the stress of trying to find vendors who aren’t in your area can be overwhelming, so you’ll definitely want to ask for recommendations. 

Pro-tip: Once you’ve done your research, make a list of photographers you think will work best for your vision. 

Why make a list before you start calling for quotes and booking? If your preferred photographer isn’t available on the day of your wedding, you won’t have to start the process over if you have a few backup options! Save yourself time and heartache this way.

If you’re really having trouble narrowing down options, ask a recent bride or groom for their recommendations! They’ll probably love showing you their favorite photos from their photographer, and you’ll get a better glimpse at what to expect.

Once you’re ready to start booking, get in touch with your top choice! 

But before you finalize your decision and put down a deposit, remember to ask these important questions: 

  1. Will I receive full print and digital rights to all photos taken?
  2. What is the turnaround for receiving my wedding photos? (If they say several weeks or a few months, don’t be alarmed – that’s normal!)
  3. How much experience do you have with wedding photography?
  4. Do you take more posed photos, or do you tend to have more candid shots?

And of course, make sure to ask any other questions you have before finalizing! 

Make sure that your photographer is someone you feel comfortable with – you’ll be spending a lot of time with them AND they will be taking very, very important photos. 

A great way to test out a photographer is doing an engagement session with them! This way, you’ll know how you look in the types of photos they take and whether you like their approach to photography.

A Bit of Videography

If you’re looking for another way to look back on the memories of the biggest day of your life, videography may be a great fit for you!

A bonus of videography: some photographers offer videography as an add-on with photo packages. If your chosen photographer is one of them, congratulations! You have your videography figured out as well! 

If you’ll be looking for a separate videographer, however, the process is very similar to finding your photographer: choose a style or any must-haves, research videographers, make a list, and then ask your questions! 

Don’t forget to ask videographers how much experience they have as well as the turnaround time. This can vary quite a bit from photography turnaround times. 

Once you know you’re confident in your choice and are comfortable with the videographer, book away! 

Ta-da! Two big steps are checked off the list, and you’re that much closer to the big day of your dreams! 
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