Say Yes to the Veil?

You’ve found the dress, and now it’s time to decide whether or not to add a veil! But how do you choose whether or not to incorporate a veil into your wedding look? And if you do decide to compliment your dress with a veil, how do you choose the right one?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. We’ve got you covered with all of our best tips for how to know if a veil is for you and which one is the perfect fit!

The Pros and Cons of Veils

So how do you determine if a veil is right for you? Consider a few aspects veils can bring to your wedding day:

Veils are powerful tools for adding a romantic flair to your wedding day and to your photos too! 

Letting your photographer instruct you on how to hold and use your veil during photos will help add a sense of intimacy and beauty, and we always LOVE seeing how much a veil can transform a bride in her portraits. 

However, a veil can easily feel like it’s taking away from your gown and could potentially hide aspects of your dress that you love, especially if you have intricate detailing on the back of your dress. It can also be a no-go for those looking for a simple, elegant look.

Our biggest tip to help you make the decision? Try on a few veils in varying styles and textures when you go for a bridal gown fitting. 

If one of the veils makes you feel beautiful and brings your entire wedding ensemble a more-completed feel, it sounds like it’ll make the perfect addition. 

If you don’t like the look of any veil with your dress and you feel like it’s “too much,” put the veil down, and let your gown shine solo! 

Styles, Lengths, Textures, and More

There are four main styles of veils to try that can all bring vastly different looks and feels to your wedding day. The four styles are based around the length of the veil itself: birdcage, blusher, mid-length, and cathedral veils. 

If you’re looking for a vintage feel, consider the birdcage veil! This veil will sweep from the top of the head, sweeping past the eyes and down to the cheekbones. It’s a perfect touch for those looking for a 1920s-inspired look!

If you want a classic look, consider a blusher. A blusher veil is a sheer veil worn over the face that is swooped back during the ceremony. Blusher veils can also feature multiple layers of varying lengths with only one layer in front of the face while the rest creates a ripple effect down your back. 

Need some middle ground? Mid-length veils are exactly as the name suggests – longer than birdcage and blusher veils, but shorter than cathedral veils. These typically end at the fingertips or small of the back and can help compliment a dress without stealing the show!

Lastly, a cathedral veil will add a dramatic effect to the wedding gown as it is the longest of the various styles. Cathedral veils can include lace edges near the face and are sometimes affixed to the head using a crown or tiara.

Once you’ve chosen your desired style and length, there are a few other details to think about – such as the color of your veil. 

This can be tricky because who knew veils come in so many different color options?! 

Some are pure white, while others are off-white or more of a champagne color. 

The best way to ensure your veil matches your dress is to ask your dress supplier for the exact color of your dress. If available, you can even order your veil directly from your dress supplier!

Again, all of this comes back to trying on a few with your dress and seeing what is the best fit for you and which adds the element you’re looking for.

And remember: before you say yes to the veil, make sure you consider how you will wear your hair! Your veil is a part of your entire ensemble, after all!

Whether you decide to add a veil or not, we know you’ll look absolutely stunning on your big day.

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