Your Guide to the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Once you start planning a wedding, you will never be at a loss for advice from others about how to make your day perfect. 

But something that doesn’t come up very often? Planning the actual ceremony. 

It’s one of the most personal aspects of your big day, and we’re here to help you make it as personal and fitting for you as possible!

Order of Events

First up is the processional – that includes your VIPs – family members, bridal party, and any other important guests who will be escorted down the aisle. 

We recommend sending up family and your officiant first, then your bridal party before the bride has her big moment (alone or with an escort). You can always change the order to fit what works best for you! 

For the actual ceremony, your officiant will say a few words of welcome to everyone. After, you can have readings that you’ve selected read by a close family member or friend. 

Pro tip: if there’s someone you wanted in your bridal party but the numbers just didn’t work out, having them read a poem or a cherished passage from a book will give them a special way to be included in your big day!

Next up are your vows which you can write yourself or use ones that have been written and used before.

It’s completely up to you and your partner, so do whatever feels right for the two of you! 

After the vows, you’ll exchange rings, and you can include a “unity moment,” which may be having a certain song played or performed or even taking a unity shot! 

Now’s the moment you’ve waited for – the big first kiss! This is such a special moment and is sure to be one of your favorites to look back on in your pictures. 

All that’s left is the recessional where you and your partner will walk back up the aisle to an upbeat song. Once you have fully exited, your bridal party, your officiant, and the rest of your guests will exit as well. 

So, that’s it! You’ve planned your wedding ceremony. 

Just kidding… there are a few more things to consider first. 

Tips for Personalizing Your Ceremony

  1. Do what feels right for YOU. If there is a tradition or a part of ceremonies that you don’t like or doesn’t fit your personality, look into alternatives! Your family and friends will appreciate a ceremony that fully demonstrates your love for each other rather than one that includes “filler” events that aren’t authentic for you.
  1. Have multiple guests who you want to include but don’t know how? Split up readings to allow more people to take part in your ceremony without adding an endless number of readings or songs.
  1. Don’t feel pressured to use traditional music. You can walk down the aisle to anything, not just “Canon in D” or “Here Comes the Bride.”  If you want to switch it up, you do you!
  1. Find an officiant who knows you! Including someone you’re close to as the officiant will make the ceremony that much more intimate for you and your partner because they can attest to your love and personalities. This will help your big day come together that much more.

Just like each part of wedding planning, make this what YOU want, and it will all come together. 

We love seeing brides and grooms make their day a reflection of who they are as a couple! 

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