Your Guide to Wedding Websites

Wedding websites: one of the easiest ways to give your wedding guests all the information they’ll need. 

They can also be extremely daunting. 

But never fear, we’ve got everything you need to know to make your wedding website exactly what you need! 

The Basics

First step: choose a wedding website template. 

There are plenty of options including Minted, Zola, The Knot, and more. The choice comes down to what each different website offers, whether you want to pay for different features, and your personal style. 

Once you choose a template, the real fun begins! 

Pick a template and layout that goes with your overall wedding aesthetic. 

We love seeing couples whose wedding websites are cohesive with the themes they use for the big day! Just like your wedding, the website should “feel” like you! 

Next, add the basics – your names, a picture of the two of you, and the basic wedding information such as city and date. 

Pro tip: keep the main page simple. Too many details and your wedding website will end up being more overwhelming than helpful. 

Save yourself and your guests time by adding a FAQ page. You can update this section as you gather more details about your big day. 

This can include information about parking, accessibility, transportation, dress codes, and more. It’s always helpful to have one spot with all the necessary info! 

Add a section all about you and your partner. 

You can include stories about how you met, the proposal, and more big moments you’ve shared together. This lets all your guests share in your love before the wedding and shows them who you are as a couple. 

Registry time! A registry page doesn’t have to be a section that you emphasize, but it’s a great way to provide your guests with everything they need in one spot. 

Another pro tip: include the registry link and a little section giving your thanks to anyone who purchases a gift. It always helps to add that element of sweetness! 

The Details

You can include a RSVP section to help organize your head-count. 

We recommend including your wedding website on your invitations to make sure your guests all head to the correct section when it’s time to RSVP. If you take this route, make sure the online RSVP section is easy to find so that you don’t end up with too many questions once those invites are sent out! 

Don’t forget to use a password for your website that you only give to invited guests. The site is going to have a lot of personal information, so it’s always better safe than sorry! 

Consider recommending places and events to attend for guests who are traveling to your wedding. 

It’s especially heart-warming if they are places that played a role in your relationship like where you had your first date or shared your first kiss. We love sharing love! 

Hosting multiple events the week of the big day? Add a timeline page with all the events, locations, and times. If you have events that are not open to everyone attending the wedding, consider making this section private so that only those with a password can access it. 

Just like with every part of your wedding, your website should be what you want it to be. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Have a question for us? We’d love to answer! Reach out today, and let’s chat: 

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